Our Principal and staff

Welcome from our Principal

Mrs Tara Augustin, School Principal

Reynella South School provides all students with positive learning experiences in a Preschool to Year Six setting. We have a strong commitment to develop successful learners, people and citizens through an inclusive and supportive education program that enhances strengths, builds improvements and develops life-long skills. Our vision: A Nurturing Community of Active Learners, reflects the importance of connections, involvement and working together to enable all students to develop to their potential and to contribute in a positive way to their community.

The school is committed to the values of Learning, Care and Respect. This is enriched by a focus on the Learner Dispositions of resilience, reflectiveness, resourcefulness and social awareness. As a school community we value and encourage learning that matters now and in the future both within and beyond the school gate.

I offer a welcome for you to join the Student Leaders and I for a school tour. Dates and times for school tours are available by contacting our Front Office.

Kind regards,
Tara Augustin



Tara Augustin

Deputy Principal (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Alternate Fridays)

Rachael Craig

Student Wellbeing Leader (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Eva Julian

Foundation - M4

Marie Scott

Foundation/Year 1 - M5

Pam Mitchell

Year 1/2 - M2 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Alternate Thursdays, Friday)

Jen McEvoy

Year 2/3 - M1 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Kellie Farrugia

Year 2/3 - M1 (Thursday, Friday)

Rebecca Bremmer-MacDonald

Year 3/4 - F2

Paton Wilson

Year 4/5 - F3 (Monday, Tuesday)

Eva Julian

Year 4/5 - F3 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Hugh Pinkard

Year 5/6 - F1

Pauline Hoare

Physical Education & Health (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Freya Smith

Technologies (Tuesday)

Hugh Pinkard

Performing Arts (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Cheryl Clark

Autism Inclusion Teacher

Jen McEvoy


Jill Brooking


Jasmyn Aitken

Support staff


Anita Barnes

Preschool SSO & Class SSO

Lucy Corbett

Admin SSO

Hong Wilson

Admin SSO

Larissa Cotter-Gilles


Jo Leonard

SSO & Library

Lynne McCourt


Tom Marshall


Marshall Steer


Darnell Tucker

Jacinta Baldwin

Pastoral Care Worker (Tuesday and Thursday)


Kevin Barnes


Matt Lloyd